Why Lanyards?

Lanyards are a great way to help quickly identify staff and visitors on your premises, as well as provide a unique and dynamic branding opportunity.

We have over 3.5 million lanyards in stock, split over more than 100 variants - all in stock in our Bristol based warehouse. Whether you need 100 lanyards or 100,000+ lanyards, you can have them tomorrow!

Take your pick from our huge range of plain and pre-printed options - or get in touch to produce a custom design to fit your brand.


The best solution for you

We stock standard lanyards in a range of sizes or can help you craft a custom design to set your brand apart.

Plain Lanyards

Available in a wide range of colours and materials with 4 clip options. We also stock bead-chain necklaces for our lowest-cost solution.

Pre-Printed Lanyards

A simple and reasonably-priced way to clearly differentiate departments, groups or access - with options for colour, clip and labelling.

Custom Printed Lanyards

The best way to make your event or company stand out. With a range of materials, sizes and finishes - we can help find the perfect design to fit your brand and budget.


Choosing your lanyard's features

All of our lanyards are available with a range of colours, sizes and features to fit your needs.


All of our lanyards hang 45cm long, with a range of widths available to order.


Available on customised or plain lanyards.


Our most common width. Available for custom, plain and pre-printed lanyards.


Perfect if you want a bit more width for visibility on your custom design.


Our widest option for custom designs - great for heavier loads and the boldest branding.



How your lanyards carry their cargo. We have a range of options to fit purpose and budget.

Lobster Clip

A sturdy, spring-loaded metal clip for a clean, professional look.

Trigger Clip

A reliable way to quickly attach ID or access passes.

Metal J Clip

Our cheapest, simplest option - available on all lanyard varieties.

Plastic J Clip

The funtionality of a J-clip but with added safety and moisture-resistance.

Metal Crocodile Clip

The quickest way to grab and release an ID without the need for a punched hole.

Mobile Phone Attachment

A secure, quick-release means of carrying a phone or other mobile device.


The simplest way to carry or clearly label a set of keys.

Card Reel

Perfect for carrying ID which regularly needs to be swiped or scanned.


Print and Materials

Choose the feel and look of your lanyards from an array of textures, finishes and environmentally-friendly options.

Screen printed on flat polyester

Our most popular material, available plain, printed or customised with raised screen-print.

Screen printed on comfort polyester

A finer weave for a softer and lighter-weight finish.

Screen printed on tubular polyester

A comfortable, edge-less polyester weave.

Screen printed on recycled polyester (RPET)

The same feel as our flat polyester option, but produced from recycled plastic bottles.

Screen printed on bamboo fabric

A great eco-friendly option - sustainably sourced and bio-degradable.

Sublimated dye on satin polyester

Smooth, comfortable polyester with full-colour ink print.

Sublimated dye on satin recycled polyester (RPET)

The same quality of finish but produced from recycled plastic bottles.

Clip Retention

Pick from two choices for how your lanyards are held together above the clip.


For a simple, clean finish. Colour-matched to your lanyard.

Metal Ferrule

A sturdy metal crimp for a bit more style.



A safety breakaway is a vital part of an item designed to be worn around the neck. Choose between two styles.

Flat Safety Breakaway

A flat, quick-release breakaway.

Radian Breakaway

A more ergonomic option to fit the curve of the wearer's neck.


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