ID as a Service (IDaaS) – The next generation ID Card Design and Issuance Software.

IDaaS enables creation of both physical and digital ID cards from one central cloud based software. The most flexible ID Card Solution in the world today in one easy package for trade resellers - The world is changing, so is instant card issuance software.

Trade and reseller benefits.

Highly profitable

Lock in future revenue stream

You control what your clients pay

OEM branded to your corporate colours and logo

Compelling pay as you go model for your clients

Free support and set up included

Dashboard showing all customer usage

Reports and Analytics

The Dashboard.

Stay in complete control with easy customer management, reports and analytics from your own branded dashboard. The floor is yours.

Enable your clients to issue cards from anywhere, anytime with cloud technology.

Instant ID as a Service brings cloud software convenience, drag and drop user friendly card design, and the revolutionary ability to submit your cards to be printed or digitally sent to mobile.

That means you can simultaneously and seamlessly issue a digital equivalent alongside every card you print, instantly delivered to a remote customer, anywhere in the world.

What are Digital Cards?

A digital card is a user friendly and waste free way to issue cards to your customers. This syncs into your digital Apple Pay or Google Pay digital wallet and can be retrieved at a touch of a button.

Instant, waste-free issuance

IOS and Android support

Smart watch support

Securely stored on user’s device

Can include links to your website, customer care or app

The Perfect Solution For Your Business.

Easy Team Management

Stay in complete control with easy user management including permission levels. Along with creating enrollment processes for your team to follow.

Reports & Analytics

Keep on top of all your issued cards, digital ID’s throught the softwares state of the art reporting features. Allowing you to always be in control of your passes.

Start a Free Trial

Let us help you get started with a 30-day Free trial, including initial onboarding to help your team understand how to use the software.

Card design limited only by your imagination.

An innovative drag-and-drop, browser-based interface. You don’t need an IT degree to enrol, design and issue cards.

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