Printed Plastic Cards

Est. 1976.  Experience matters.  Having developed and promoted the world’s first ‘clean’ plastic card for desktop card personalisation machines, we have always been at the forefront of the identity card industry.  We use the same skills to bring improvements to other industries. 

Today we use offset lithographic, the latest in digital technology, silk-screen and foil overprinting methods to provide the most flexible service possible, producing over 100 million cards per year.

We are competitive from small to very large volumes, and are capable of handling the most difficult of requirements.  A very diverse range of options includes different thickness, size, shape, material, print, finishing, punching. 

We produce anything in your wallet from a PVC gift card with interesting cosmetic features to promote sales, to a polycarbonate drivers’ licence with overt and covert security features to prevent forgery.

Speak to us about your own challenges.  Experience matters.  We bring you over 40 years of it.