Printed Presenters & Carriers

Plastic cards are not the only thing we can print and produce.  Experience in the gift, loyalty and membership card industry means that we know how important it is to present your cards with impact.

Gift card schemes require a tailor-made presenter, printed and produced to work specially for that particular scheme.  Good presenters can make a massive impact to sales of gift cards, and allow the card to be placed in front of customers in store.  Speak to us about our stock range of presenters to gain some inspiration or tell us about what you have in mind yourself.  We work with many retailers across Europe to help them make the most of their gift card scheme.

Our presenters can be printed on any type of commercially available material, using the offset lithographic, digital, silk-screen and foil print processes.  Gluing, and special folding is no problem.  Fulfilment of the card to the carrier can be done in-line with personalisation, automatically or manually. 

A bespoke box is made for each job to house the particular card and carrier combination that the retailer chooses – ensuring that goods arrive in store in pristine condition.

Please speak to us about how you need your cards to be presented.  Experience matters.