The ultimate in service and capability for daily personalisation

We can offer the ultimate solution in secure card personalisation:

  • In-line letter personalisation and fulfilment to envelopes, ready for insertion into mail systems
  • Driven by the latest equipment from Datacard, situated in a door-access controlled and CCTV monitored environment

Card Personalisation Capabilities

  1. Full VHD (Very High Definition) 600dpi edge-to-edge colour personalisation
  2. Mag stripe and contact/contactless chip encoding
  3. Laser personalisation
  4. Thermal personalisation
  5. Embossing and indent
  6. Application and scratch off labels
  7. Custom holographic overlay design and application

Letter Personalisation and Fulfilment

  1. Personalise A4 either simplex or duplex
  2. Camera match and attach up to 4 cards per letterhead
  3. Fold and insert into C5 or DL envelopes
  4. Add inserts
  5. Seal and pack

Ingenia Will Provide You With

Your own portal for submission of data, and the automatic conveyance of customized live reports.

Deletion of data following use is done under full GDPR compliance using automatic rules stipulated by yourself as the client.

We will agree with you the ultimate service level agreement for your scheme, operating daily card personalisation and mailing, processing your data reliably and consistently.

You are able to come to visit at any time, to view the production of your mailings, and discuss developments to your scheme.

Interested in how we can help? We would be delighted to talk to you about your requirements.