Smart Technology Products

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology has brought much convenience to our lives, fulfilling the business requirements of a wide range of applications across numerous vertical markets.

Whether it is for identification, registration, inventory & supply chain management, brand protection, interactive marketing, banking, livestock management or travel, our smart cards are used around the world to keep people and systems moving, facilitating business objectives on a global scale.  We work with technologies from NXP, Atmel, Temic, Electromagnetics, HID, Mastech to name a few.

We stock a wide range of smart cards within our FOTODEK blank card range, and also offer an efficient service for bespoke pre-printed smart cards.

Working at the fore-front of the identity credential market requires us to develop products other than the original plastic card.  We recognise that persons require other mediums to carry their identity promoting a large range of fobs, wristbands and stickers.